Foam-cushioned Knee Pads


Lots 4 Tots knee pads are miniature versions of our luxurious BabyCare play mats to make bath time just as comfortable for you as play time is for the kids!

Made of the exact premium foam cushioning inside, there is no reason to ever have sore knees again whilst bathing kids!

What’s included in the box:
1 x foam-cushioned knee pad

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Product Description


  • Thick double-sided foam-cushioned knee pad
  • Triple layer structure of foam cushioning for ultra luxury and comfort
  • Ideal to place on floor next to bath tub
  • Completely waterproof
  • Non-slip material
  • Doubles up as a soft and non-slip surface for children getting in and out of a swimming pool (and used in place of stepping on hot bricks or tiles)
  • Ideal to use as a placemat also and as a travelling changing mat!